Tuesday, September 8, 2009

life is a cycle

All life is a cycle--a beginning, an ending. I see a tree, it's shape, it's grandeur, it's purpose. I see it's beginning and I witness it's ending. All life has purpose. I have a purpose, you have purpose. we had a beginning, we will have an end. It's for a purpose we live, the purpose or destiny that we fulfill. Life without purpose is meaningless. Sorrows and pleasures in life are only the part of the pathway of the purpose for which we are destined. riches and fame, poverty and obscurity come and go within this purpose or destiny, but they are not the purpose for which we live. They are mere experiences; things that happen along the way. If I do not seek riches and fame or run from poverty and obscurity, I may learn from the cycle, because chaance and opportunity bring both into the life cycle. Peace comes when we understand this cycle. Our vision clears and our purpose is revealed.

I think I got this from Siddhartha by Herman Hess, but I don't have the book here to prove it.

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