Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sometimes as I'm walking among a throng of people, say, at an event or festival, I suddenly feel totally apart or separate--looking at those around me as if I were not there, but invisible. I watch them as they, the whole, small groups or couples move about. I listen to the words they say; watch the actions they take. Then I wonder--do they know what they are doing; what they are saying? Who are these people? Is their world so small? Do they realize they are part of a bigger scheme--plan? Do they see each other as they pass? I walk by one mother scolding her child or children for misbehaving and then pass by parents explaining to their children the reason a ball seems to float in mid air is due to wind blowing upward from beneath it. I look on at an older couple lovingly holding hands as they quietly meander along a path. Another couple walks three feet apart, then look at each other and disappear down separate ways. Human beings with so much they realize it or does it go untapped? What if we could see ourselves as we look at others? Would we like what we see; would we want to change what we see?