Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The mist lay heavily on the land as darkness begins to fall.
Sounds are muffled shadows dulled.
She walks as if floating instead of treading the ground.
What awaits her ahead; who draws her to come?
She moves on in mystical anticipation.
She left the manor house in agitation.
As she moves farther into the night,
she senses warmth; peace flows over her
love has overtaken her.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why Education

Why is education coming under attack? Money is being cut from education that should not be cut and schools are closing. The administration of school corporations are now crowding more children into a classroom, many of which need more attention. Questions arrise about who is at fault. Is is the federal government, the state, or is it the schools themselves? I suggest that all three are a fault. Yes, the economy crisis the United States is experiencing (yes, many are still in crisis) hits all areas, but education should be one of the last areas to suffer such losses. We in education are willing to take salary cuts if everyone in education is willing to do so, such as those in administration from the top down. The education of our future generations is vital to the survival of society, its growth and health. Cutting 300 millions dollars out of education is not the answer.